It's time for a Wellness Revolution!

Take back your health and your life!

Are you ready to stop dieting and to take control of your health & well-being?

Let FitLife Revolution help you create a healthy lifestyle and get the results you want through our customized guidance, health and fitness education and ongoing support.

We KNOW that there are six critical factors in creating a healthy lifestyle. Here is how we help:


Habits and tools to help you overcome mental obstacles that impede your success.


Healthy natural healing foods that support your goals and optimal wellness.


Movement that fuels your mind, body and soul.


Strategies to help reduce stress, improve mental clarity and  improve hormonal function.


Tools to help cleanse and balance your energy systems in order to achieve optimal flow.


Articles, books and information to support you on your journey.

Yes! I am ready to start my journey to optimal wellness!

The FitLife Blog

News, tips and tools to help you on your path!

Checkout The FitLife Blog where we provide resources to support your healthy lifestyle!

Are you ready?

Let us help you overcome the obstacles that are holding you back and move forward to achieving your goals!

One-on-One Coaching

Work with Coach J to create your customized program that will catapult you towards your wellness goals.

Teacher Wellness Program

A healthier staff environment is a happier environment for your students, staff and community. We will help you create a holistic wellness environment in your school community.

Wellness Workshops

In-person and online sessions that inform, inspire and activate your wellness journey.

Girl Power, After School Program

Empowering girls to own their power, embrace their unique gifts and overcome obstacles on their way to optimal wellness and success in life.


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