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The Total Package

Nutrition, Mindset & Fitness

For those that want an optimal approach to losing fat, building mental fortitude and establishing a healthy lifestyle. Studies have shown that the three most important factors that contribute to sustained fat-loss and a healthy lifestyle are: Nutrition, Mindset and Fitness. In this package, you get all three.  No more guesswork or hiring multiple coaches. Everything you need is here!

The Lifestyle Package

Nutrition & Mindset Only

For those that have a consistent workout regimen, but would like guidance on implementing healthy nutrition and mindset strategies. This package is about cleaning out the toxicity in your life and creating the healthy lifestyle you desire.

The Ignite Package

Fitness Only

For those that have a robust mindset and healthy nutrition regimen, but would like guidance on fitness. This program builds on your healthy lifestyle and catapults you towards your wellness goals.

During our Discovery Session, we will identify a program that meets your individual goals and answer all your questions.

Are you ready to kick-start your journey towards:

  • Improved energy levels
  • Increased mental clarity
  • Overcoming the obstacles in the way of your progress
  • Feeling strong, powerful and rejuvenated in your body
  • Discovering how much better your body will feel when it's not loaded with toxins, inflammation and all that extra baggage you don't need

Schedule your Free 30 minute Discovery Session and get started on YOUR WELLENESS REVOLUTION today.


Coach J

Holistic Health and Fitness Coach

Weight-Loss Specialist

Chris S.

This is the best I’ve ever felt. Previously, I struggled with emotional eating, stress and mental fatigue and it showed on and in my body. Now, I feel happy, alive and confident. Plus, I lost 10 pounds! I am so grateful for this amazing program and for Coach J. She was there with me every step of the way!

Heather M.

I never knew I could feel this good! I've always struggled with anxiety and lack of motivation, and I realized after this program that I needed to get my head in gear. I needed a whole new mindset to to stop worrying and losing motivation. It worked! I feel better than I ever have! I followed everything Coach J suggested, I lost weight, increased my energy, and I feel amazing – inside and out!

Patty A.

This program has been a life-changer! It helped me figure out the cause of my digestive issues and insomnia. I now know how to calm my mind, eat foods that don’t upset my stomach and stay motivated!!! I signed up for a Wellness Revolution and I got a complete lifestyle makeover as a bonus! Thank you! 


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