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Why Green Smoothies?

Why am I obsessed with green smoothies???

We’ve all been there before where we have inhaled food without worrying about the nutrients, dealt with cravings, or been guilty of overeating. There has to be a way to avoid all this, right? Why yes, yes there is...GREEN smoothies! 

Today’s hectic pace prevents many of us from living the healthy lifestyle we desire. When we’re hungry, we too often race through a fast food restaurant or grab something from a machine. But a healthy green smoothie is just as quick and easy as either of those options and considerably healthier.

Green smoothies are packed with the proteins, vitamins, minerals and fiber you need to stay satiated longer.

Smoothies are totally on-trend right now: almond butter and banana smoothies, mango smoothies, blueberry smoothies, and the list goes on. But green smoothies are your best bet for a healthier you.

Follow these simple steps to make a green smoothie

Rule #1: Green, Green, and Green
Obviously. But there are so many green ingredients to try! Spinach is one of the most common and is full of nutrients. Kale is an amazing source of Vitamins A, C, and K and provides a handsome amount of calcium. Throw in some broccoli or simple butter lettuce. Add avocado for a smooth texture, high quality fats and fiber. To be filling and long-lasting, smoothies need to have fiber, and these greens provide it.

Rule #2: Time for some Fruits
You can add any fruit you like, but bananas have the perfect texture for creamy smoothies. The best ones are those overripe ones on your counter, the ones with the brown spots that you don’t want to throw away yet, but don’t really want to eat.

Rule #3: Minerals
Simple mineral salt is a perfect addition to your smoothie. Professional bakers use mineral salt in order to enhance the taste of their food. Similarly, a pinch of mineral salt improves the taste of your smoothie and helps your body better absorb its nutrients.

Rule #4: Frozen Fruit & Veggies
Use organic frozen fruit and/or veggies for quick and easy smoothies. Make sure the is no sugar added and enjoy. My favorites are frozen coconut, spinach, cauliflower and mixed berries.

Rule #5: Water
A little water in your smoothie lends it the perfect consistency and helps sneak in a little more water for your daily intake (we all need to drink more water!).

Don’t be afraid to try out new things. Do not just stick to one recipe; a creative approach to healthy eating ensures long-term change. Cheers to a lifetime of being healthy.

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