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The Amazing Powers of Nettle Tea

Contrary to oppressive, body-shaming, capitalistic beliefs, being healthy doesn’t mean eating fancy food or starving ourselves in an attempt to fit some kind of perfect image. It is just about caring for your body to ensure a long and healthy life.

There is a saying that if you go to meet someone and you do not have anything to give them, give them nettles. LOL! Yes, you read that right…..nettles! Well, Stinging Nettles, to be exact, because of their substantial health benefits. Nettles are one of the best natural ingredients you can consume in the morning for a boost of fresh energy.

Nettles have been shown to reverse hormonal imbalance, especially for people just entering middle age. They can also help prevent cancers in the reproductive system.
A cup of nettle tea in the morning facilitates better nutrient absorption and decreases stomach issues. It can also improve your metabolism.

Since they are very high in potassium and iron, these herbs can help prevent kidney infections, remove toxins from the blood, and relieve arthritis pain. Nettles can also improve mild acne.

  • Facial Care: Soak nettle herbs overnight in hot water to reduce its sting and apply to your face.
  • Drinking Nettle Tea: Soak one ounce of the herb in water for 15 minutes or overnight for maximum results.

You can sweeten it with a little honey or dates and enjoy as an iced tea. Some prefer this tea with almond milk and honey or stevia. I like it with other healing herbs and fresh ginger and turmeric.

If you want to make life easy, then you can buy nettle tea online at or Some people like Traditional Medicinals. I prefer clean organic loose leaf.

Sit down with a cup of tea, a journal or a book and create that quiet space we all deserve and need in life.

Boost your iron levels naturally and let your mind wander as you enjoy your cup of tea. Think about your goals, your dreams and enjoy.

Set aside their unfortunate name and give those stinging nettles a chance!

Will you drink your cup of tea today?

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